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Mengirim Keluhan di ProfitClick

◕ Surat Dalam Botol Telah Saya Kirim ke Profitclicking ◕

Setelah berhari – hari membuat konsep , akhirnya rangkuman dari berbagi saran positif dengan bahasa inggris seadanya telah saya kirim ke markas Profitclicking, Mudah – mudahan tidak terdampar dan dibaca oleh Admin Profitclicking

Terus action, tidak dengan diam
Saya mengirim surat ke PC

Diterima / Ditolak , Direalisasikan / Tidak . Profitclicking lebih tahu mana yang terbaik untuk bersama antara member dan Profitclicking !

Bagimana dengan anda ?
Apakah anda punya saran positif untuk PC

Jangan diam seribu bahasa ,
Jangan fokus pada masalahnya ,
Tapi fokus pada solusi terbaiknya

Kirim saran anda ke :

Nanti dibawah akan saya lampirkan , surat yang dikirim
Silahkan yang mau copas untuk kirim ke kotak sugestion

Anda kembangkan dengan pendapat anda justru lebih baik !

Gabung juga ke grup International di :


Disana ada beberapa petinggi PC , Surat juga telah saya posting mudah2an mereka membaca , Jangan lupa join ke grup nya ,,, Beri Like pada surat yang saya kirim ,
Beri pendapat anda , Pro Kontra bukan menjadi permasalahan yang terpenting tercapai sebuah solusi terbaik untuk semuanya ^_^

Berikut surat yang saya kirim



I continue to follow the development of migration justbeenpaid to Profitclicking for 4 months. I saw a lot of positive changes in profitclicking.

There was a trending topic that always comes to the surface is about the withdrawal, I realized withdraw systems currently in beta testing and refined from time to time. I saw thousands of people focused on the withdrawal and many of them fail to withdraw their money

I think, Improvements the withdrawal system will not be cumbersome if we know the source of the problem . The main problem IS NOT withdrawal system but the large of accumulation ( AD Package Balances & Wallet Balances ) owned by members who are not used to repurchase Ad Packages.

Many people have stopped buying position and only plan to withdraw money
( This is not good for the growth of the company )

Everyone knows, Profitclicking has a super weapon called PSF, But from my observation on RSF 4 & PSF 1, There is no significant change because the PSF system is only moved ad packages positions to pc panel ( NOT MONEY )

Thousands of people in the world already knows PSF performed every 3 months, so they have a strategy to avoid PSF !

Even many people choose not to buy a position, in cut off date or after profit shift feature has been completed. ( they only plan to withdraw money )

The biggest problem —> (AD Packages & Wallet Balances) owned by members who are not used to repurchase Ad Packages.

This is HUGE !

I see the presence of an INFLATION , where so much money circulating in the ad packages & wallet balances. Regardless of the quota limit set by PC it will never be enough to pay the withdrawal request member per day

Can I ask a question, how much money which stored in Ad Packages balances & wallet balances two million members worldwide which ready to withdraw ?

This is HUGE !

You can see, withdrawal of money with “queue system” to liberty reserve was stopped around Oct. 14, which means the process of withdrawal money to the “queue system” will be processed more than 70 days, it will continue to grow if a solution is not found, because the “queue system” all member CAN request without limit , so from day to day more and more requests are piling up !

The Solutions :

1. Profitclicking announced cut off date March 15, 2013
* (Time specified by profitclicking, sooner or later it’s okay )
2. Profit Shift Feature should be implemented as soon as possible
3. PC running the new features called ” Recovery Day ”

What is recovery day ?
Recovery day is a new system that made by PC, for recovery the amount of ad packages position member Post-PSF, in addition “Recovery day” aims to reduce the rate of inflation (Ad Packages & Wallet balances ) near zero percent.

One day after the results of the psf is correct, exercised the “Recovery Day”, Recovery day run automatically by the system, so there is no interference from the members!

How does the system “Recovery Day” runs ?

Step 1:
Cancel all withdrawal request by member ( Queue withdrawal ) , and return all funds to the wallet balance!
Step 2:
The system automatically spend ALL existing fund members (Ad Packages & Wallet Balances) to purchase Ad packages for $ 10!

– If a person has the funds in Ad Packages Balances + Wallet balances of $ 750, it will automatically buy 75 positions by the system on the “Recovery Day”

– If a person has the funds in Ad Packages Balances + Wallet balances of $ 755, it will automatically buy 75 positions by the system on the “Recovery Day” and be left $ 5 on the wallet

What are the benefits of the Recovery Day ?

– For Member
Members did not feel the loss, even though the purchase is done automatically by the system, automated purchase one day after the PSF will potentially get 150% before the next PSF coming!

– For Profitclicking
Pressing the release of inflation figures in millions of dollars ( ad packages balances & wallet balances ) members approaching zero balance!


By combining PSF + Recovery Day =
Make Profitclicking —> Super Indefinitely sustainable

Step changes do not stop there, should continue to exist anymore innovation
them to continue

4. Pc Panel running optimally as a source of income PC
5. Running effectively upgrade level 1,2,3
6. 1 Day after running PSF + Recovery Day, Profitclicking “Back to Normal” where PC began distributing the daily profit and open to all members withdraw by raising the limit to $ 500 per payment processors per 24 hours

Because it was done “Recovery Day”, Wallet all members close to zero!
Member can withdraw any request with a limit of $ 500 per payment processors be processed 48-72 hours from their new DSP or Refferal bonus

Where there are additional limits, Member can only request 20% of the total value active position per month , this way I’m sure the members will race increase ad packages position time by time

* 20% is only an example from me, It can increase time by time by PC

7. Reflecting on the success of Justbeenpaid which use “bucket system” , PC delete queue system , queue considered ineffective, Withdrawal process more than 70 days because so many PC members request to withdrawal

8. Running the “Auto Repurchase positions” Where daily profit share ditributed, 30% goes to repurchase ad packages positions and 70% to the wallet
* Percentage just example from me , 50%:50% okay

9. Running the “Auto repurchase positions ” When members make withdrawal request , So 100% funds will be split into 3
> 8% Withdrawal Fee
> 22% autorepurchase positions
> 70% Withdraw
* Percentage of example , it is up to Profitclicking

10. Running the “Auto Repurchase positions” If member cancel his withdrawal request

11. Lowering RE- purchase bonus to 5% (level 1) & 2,5 % (level 2) or remove it temporarily

12. Continue to refine the withdrawal system from Beta

13. Negotiating with 5 Payment processors to raise the daily limit that can be sent from Profitclicking to the member, if negotiations fail Profitclicking soon collaborate with Payooner, to immediately create a PC debit card that allows members, eg Price Payooner PC debit card $ 20

14. If Project Payooner PC debit card is done, the PC gradually reducing cooperation with the payment processor even remove it , because the fee is given to the payment processors are enormous when calculated.

15. Realizing Profitclicking Gift Card

16. Opening bucket twice a day with a difference every 12 hours, we are very difficult to withdraw money when opening midnight in my country, or a split system WD per timezone / country

17. We also look forward to shopping online program, LuvvLiving, Ultimate Marketing System, AF-X, TRG (Think Real Group), VPL (Viral Power List) Be realized

18. Running all the profitclicking project which prepared

I think there are many positive things that can be added from the advice I propose above to make your PC better!

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion , I’m sure the various points above is run, it will make the PC Super Indefinitely sustainable,
SUPER STRONG (PSF + Recovery Day)




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